April 1st with Cointelegraph.com
Today, Bitcoin’s price has hit $700! But don’t check your e-wallets just yet. Take some time to get into the spirit of “April Fool’s Day” with Cointelegraph.com and check out some equally light-hearted stories below:

“We found Satoshi”

This story is possibly one of the most hard-to-believe yet one of the most well-known stories at the same time. A poor Japanese man, Dorian Nakamota, has become a prime target for journalists. The reason - many of us believe that Dorian might be the real Satoshi. 

You have probably heard Dorian’s name mentioned as this news story spread on the Internet. In either case, you can check out some of the articles on Satoshi Nakamoto here and here

Nevertheless, the mystery remains. To this day, no one knows exactly who Satoshi is. In fact, no one is even certain that the founder is Japanese! All this could very well mean that Satoshi Nakamoto could be anyone, even me.

“China news pushes Bitcoin price down”

One of the biggest rumors in the past week is that the PBOC had issued a notice calling for all Bitcoin transactions to be halted by April 15th. You can read about it here.

Thus, it is seemingly possible to ruin the entire economy with a spurious rumor. But PBOC has not confirmed the statement, so it could be possible that this is all just an early April Fools joke from the Chinese.

“MT Gox searching for coins with police”

This story is equally ridiculous to all the other recent news about MT Gox. You can check out the article here. While it is pretty amusing to hear people say that MT Gox is actually out searching for lost coins –– the situation is seems pretty clear to me –– they aren’t doing all that much. But hey, that’s only my opinion.

“Awesome Bitcoin’s adventures in Russia”

Let’s proceed now to the longstanding stereotype of Russia being a country that’s full of bears and vodka. According to my sources, Bitcoin might eventually be accepted in Russia. You can read the article on Bitcoin in Russia here.

“Tasty hat”

Have you heard about reddit user Anndddyyyy who ate his own hat? Andy says: “I may be an idiot, but I like to think I’m an idiot with integrity.” You can check out the video in which he eats his hat here. I’ve got nothing to add except “hope this hat was tasty and it worth it”.

“Frenchman prosecuted for mentioning Bitcoin in conversation”