Crypto startup, Mudrex, has come out with a new platform called Mudrex Invest. The new product allows average users to profit from expert-built automated trading accounts.

"Sophisticated traders create trading algorithms using Mudrex automated trading platform," a Mudrex CEO Rohit Goyal told Cointelegraph. "Multiple algorithms are merged together to create low-risk/low-reward to high-risk/high-reward portfolios," he added. 

Trading  and investing creates many losers

Trading is a zero sum game, creating clear-cut winners and losers. Estimates show the overwhelming majority of traders lose money. Trading is a unique arena. Nothing stands in the way of newbies entering the ring — which is filled with some of the world's top professionals. 

Average investors can face difficulties, however, with limited options for non-accredited investors, Mudrex co-founder Edul Patel explained in a statement provided to Cointelegraph.

"Access to sophisticated investments like hedge funds had been accessible only to high net worth investors so far," Goyal said. Providing greater availability to those wanting exposure in crypto, retail participants using Mudrex Invest can pick the portfolios of their choice based on their preferences. 

The product is up and running as of April 10, following a beta phase that saw $180 million in volume.  

Professional trader funds are vetted into the platform

To ensure quality, Mudrex combs over each fund before customers can access them, Goyal noted. 

"Mudrex relies on various metrics used in finance traditionally to define risk-reward profile of a fund," he said, naming sharpe ratio and maximum drawdown evaluations, among several others. 

"Funds which don’t qualify the set criterion for these metrics, get rejected before being available for everyday investors," Goyal added. 

As crypto continues to gain mainstream attention, more and more products and features will likely come into existence. Just a few days ago, Binance opened options trading, giving users yet another opportunity to participate in the industry.