Best-Selling Author Nomi Prins Makes Harsh Predictions on the Future of the Economy and Finance

In case You are not afraid to hear the bitter truth, attentively read the book “All the Presidents Bankers“ and listen to Nomi Prins’ predictions on a possible financial collapse. 

It would be a crime to cut her opinion and provide the readers with separate snippets, as she was formerly a top Goldman Sachs banker capable of providing exclusive insight in banking, finance and the global economy. Her above mentioned book has a massive inspiring reference list allowing the readers to get acquainted with various opinions. 
Analyzing the history of the country and the aftermaths of long-standing events allows her to draw depressing conclusions. Her warning says: 
“Never before have the Government and the Fed collaborated so extensively by propping up the banking system to the detriment of the population. That connection with Teddy Roosevelt was a very powerful established entity between two people that has allowed all this stuff that has happened in the last hundred years to really happen. The friendships, the social ties, the idea that the bankers could sort themselves out with Treasury Department help if it needed to. Of course, it’s epic now. All of that was solidified then. Banks being hands-off with respect to the oval office was all solidified then. We’ve only been consolidating that message throughout the century since.” 
Referring to John F. Kennedy as JFK, Nomi Prins goes on to describe the events from the 60s. She clearly sees that the banks were aiming to fight any restrictions. The gold standard was not an instrument anymore: 
“They really worked to push JFK off gold. JFK was a little less friendly with the bankers. JFK, when he did invite bankers to the White House, he would have very short meetings. It was like hello, goodbye and thank you. Where LBJ, who came after JFK, was very friendly to the bankers and opened the White House to the bankers.” 
Further events remind the author of a snowball, unstoppable, yet predictable. Just imagine the statistical data behind the process: 
“I mentioned the epic level of support for the banks, and if you consider supported being strong, then they are strong, but the Federal Reserve has more than $4 trillion of debt securities on its books. . . . The six big banks have about 84 % of all the FDIC deposits; they have 85% of all financial assets relative to all the other banks, 96% of the derivatives from a national perspective and 45% of the global exposure to derivatives, and this is just the six big banks. Because there is such a concentration of wealth and the concentration of political power from the Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration, the Obama Administration, it doesn’t matter who’s in office. These connections are very strong, and they have created a much more concentrated, consolidated and unstable banking system than we have ever had in history.” 
Returning to the recent times, the analyst outlines clear perspectives of a new collapse. The time left to prepare is less than a year or maybe two. According to the research, the banks receive extraordinary undeserved support that has to turn out as a crisis worth all previous meltdowns. 
“The stability of the system is really fake.” 
Her attitude speaks in favor of global changes, where a reasonable solution might become decentralization, weakening of control and libertarian ideas – factors behind the Bitcoin or other, but less successful crypto-currencies: 
“It is very easy to see how the system could unravel because it isn’t stable. We are definitely in big trouble. There is no way we are not headed for a crisis. . . . It should have happened already, but the level of support is epic and reckless from the political and financial elite.” 
Greg Hunter, of USWatchdog has talked to Nomi Prins and her full interview is available on YouTube. Take time to get acquainted with a fresh provocative opinion that might soon become reality.

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