Cointelegraph has already published an article on the Dutch startup company Bit4coin. The holidays in December allowed the entrepreneurs to create a huge leap forward and to transform in a very attractive investment opportunity in the Old World. The idea was very simple - to offer customers gift cards or vouchers that could be redeemed for Bitcoin as the best and most satisfactory modern present for Christmas or any other special occasion. As the announcement on cards with different nominal was made before the holidays the company succeeded to sell 1000 items.

The company, located in Amsterdam, features its own statistics on different parameters of the purchases and customers. The most interesting numbers say that 60% of the bought cards were not given away, but redeemed by the buyer itself. Only 40% were a real present as the people using the card and buying it were different.

The most activity on redeeming occurred on the 2nd January, not on Boxing Day or the 26th of December as forecasted. It can be reasoned with busyness of people even after the celebrations and with the wish to prolong the holiday joy as long as possible. The geography is also very wide – the country of origin of the customers often was France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Eastern European region. The staff of the company was surprised by the leading position of France – the page was not translated to French and no advertising was performed in the country. The fewer customers from the US have strong complications to transfer payments to the Netherlands due to enormously and unreasonable high fees.

There have been very exotic orders, among them a customer from Greenland and a CEO, who bought a pack of cards as a present to his employees. Although the activity around the cards has ceased, the item is still offered to the society. The next rise is planned towards next holiday, but individual holidays and special events hold the demand on an acceptable level. To make the item more interesting the company is setting some adjustments. The homepage is going to be translated in Dutch and German. To make the service even more individual new payment methods also known as the direct transfer methods, such as iDeal in the Netherlands and Sofort in Germany, but also TrustPay for Eastern Europe, are going to be introduced to satisfy the most demanding customers. The company also established partnerships with online shops and other possible partners to spread the information about the items.

The representative of the Bit4coin Company Dolf Diederichsen has already a sketch on the further development:

“As we ship the cards from our office in Amsterdam, Europe is our target market for now. However, we are looking for partners to expand to other regions, especially the Americas, Middle East and Asia.”

The technology of delivery will also have more variations. The voucher that has been placed in the mailbox by the local post will obtain digital and mobile forms. Receiving it on the PC or smartphone will allow faster and instantaneous redeeming.

For those, who missed the opportunity to make a surprise with Bitcoin gift cards last year, it is the right time to compose the new list of presents including this wonderful and modern item.