We have seen bitcoin conferences in the past, as well as the upcoming conference in China which starts tomorrow, but there is a new type of Conference emerging in the cryptocurrency world.

A conference dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors alike. The event is being hosted by CoinAgenda and BitAngels and will take place at the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Oct 7-9, 2014.

The conference itself will comprise two events: the first one will be geared towards investors seeking newer knowledge in Bitcoin investing. The second one will be sponsored by BitAngels, the world’s largest angel network for Bitcoin investing, and will focus on investments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies as a whole as well as serve as the first global conference for the 500-person angel group.

Currently, twenty bitcoin startups are expected to attend the BitAngels conference at no cost to them while another 10 companies may purchase presentation sponsorships in order to demo the products that are soon to be released.

Startups should submit their presentations to [email protected] by September 29. The winning companies will be announced on October 1.

According to the official press release, some of the speakers that will be in attendance include:

  • George Gilder, futurist and author (Wealth and Poverty, Telecosm, Bitcoin and Gold);
  • Brock Pierce, Bitcoin Foundation board member and one of the most active investors in the bitcoin space;
  • Matt Roszak, managing director of Chicago-based fund, Tally Partners, which invests in both the currency and in companies;
  • Steven Waterhouse, managing partner at Pantera Capital, one of the leading investment firms in the Bitcoin sector;
  • Jesse Powell, founder/CEO of leading global bitcoin exchange, Kraken;
  • William Quigley, managing director, Clearstone Venture Partners;
  • Charles Allen, CEO of BitcoinShop (NASDAQ: BTCS), the only publicly traded US company focused on Bitcoin;
  • Harry Yeh, managing partner of cryptocurrency trading firm, Binary Financial.

The main CoinAgenda conference will feature two days of keynotes and dedicated sessions on cryptocurrency investment and company investment, which will include presentations from 20 companies. The conference will include meals, and cocktail parties throughout the event including a special dinner event at Mike Tyson’s former mansion shown in the movie “The Hangover.”

CoinAgenda tickets can be purchases for US$1,500 which includes all of the aforementioned as well as the special dinner with all other meals included for two and a half days.

It should be noted that the on-site price will be US$2,195. Meanwhile, BitAngels conference tickets will cost US$297.50 that will cover admission to the opening party, specialized investment sessions and startup presentations. The on-site price for the conference is US$425.

To receive more information regarding the conferences, contact [email protected] or go to www.coinagenda.com

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