Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has added to the SegWit debate suggesting the technology “makes block size less relevant.”

In an explanatory blog post about the implications of SegWit and SegWit2x on Bitcoin, Song underlines that block ‘weight’ is a more central issue than block size going forward.

As SegWit2x awaits its final implementation after its beta version launched this week, the concept has come under increasing criticism.

Core developer Luke-jr, in particular, has signaled heavy opposition to SegWit2x, releasing a dedicated blog post on it the day before the beta version went live.

Song refrains from taking sides, instead of delving into the technical side of what both SegWit and SegWit2x mean for the future of the network.

“SegWit makes block size a less relevant concept. Block Weight is the more accurate and useful metric to judge blocks by, though it certainly has a relationship to size,” he writes.

The intricate relationship between block weight and block size is key to understanding SegWit, Song continues, providing accessible examples in a debate where many are unsure what to support due to a lack of non-technical information resources.

Responding to Song’s post, former Core developer Jeff Garzik nonetheless criticized the “lack of discussion about the [rate of adoption], which is central to misleading ‘SegWit = 2M block size’ claims.”

Song responded by the saying the issue was “very speculative.”