ProtocolTV has released a trailer for its already completed Bitcoin documentary, Bitcoin: Buenos Aires which focuses on Bitcoin's rise in Argentina's capital city.

Yes, that is correct, they are crowdfunding an already completed documentary. Inspired by early Bitcoin journalist Vitalik Buterin, creator of Bitcoin Magazine, who used to post partial articles and ask for donations before revealing the rest.

Bitcoin: Buenos Aires recently showcased at Carolina's Cryptolina Conference last month. According to the creators, the movie received a “rousing ovation” when it debuted. Its trailer teases Bitcoin's potential in the country by showcasing an Andreas Antonopoulos speech on the digital currency's potential and then teasing a look at Argentina six months later.

The movie is being crowdfunded on Tilt, a unique platform that offers a system somewhere between IndieGoGo's Flexible funding system and Kickstarter's Fixed funding. When using the tilt system, each campaign has a “tilt” amount, which is when donations will go through, and a funding target, which designates a completely successful campaign.

Bitcoin: Buenos Aires has its Tilt milestone set at USD $2,500 and its target goal at USD $5,000. The vast majority of the contributions have come by way of Bitcoin. Five dollars gets you a twitter shout out while USD $20 gets you the completed movie.

Interestingly, Tilt doesn't accept Bitcoin as a donation method, but according to the Filmmaker Valerian Bennett, they are supportive of the idea. He is taking donations himself and will contribute the bitcoins manually, still giving backers their rewards.

As Antonopoulos points out in the speech featured in the trailer, Argentina's Peso has been falling in value at an extraordinary rate. The trailer then brings us to Argentina's street market, where people illegally exchange American dollars and other currencies for the local Argentinean Peso.

Currently the fund is approaching USD $1,300 and will finish funding on September 12th.


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