It's been almost six days since the Bitcoin fork.

In general, the crypto market did not show any negative movement. And by the end of the week, it even began to grow actively.

In contrast, Bitcoin Cash displayed an unprecedented growth of a little over 9,000 percent during its first day. Then it went down in price, returning to the same mark its first deals started.


At the 0.2 level, the support was expected, as previously there had been the largest volumes to buy. Nevertheless, this level was interrupted by a long candle on increased volumes stipulating further sales.

Bitcoin Cash rate varies widely on different exchanges. Currently, its average figure is $220. The price moved down, after the popular Bitfinex and Bittrex digital currency exchanges opened up BCH deposits and withdrawals.

The current total capitalization is $3,676,409,650 making the asset the fourth in this term.

Currently, there are no reasons for the price drop, so stay tuned to Cointelegraph to receive the latest updates.