Update: This article previously stated that it was impossible to purchase the physical copies of the English version using Bitcoin. That is not the case and the article has been updated accordingly.

You remember the crowd-funding campaign for The Hunt For Satoshi on Swarm earlier this fall, don't you? It was, and remains, the only Bitcoin-themed full length comic book, focusing on multiple characters and their attempt to find the legendary pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto.

Besides giving Bitcoin users a keepsake from what we all hope will become “Bitcoin's early days” it is primarily meant to introduce Bitcoin and blockchain technologies to a mainstream audience (at least, as mainstream as "comic books" get).

Another step has been made in that direction, The Hunt For Satoshi is now available in digital form in both Spanish and English on Comixology. Comixology is the most popular digital comic storefront on the web and is available on most major mobile app stores. This also means that collectors that have been hesitant to take their crowdfunded collectors version out of its sleeve, can now enjoy the comic stress-free in its digital form.

The comic can still be purchased using bitcoin in its Spanish language – physical – form. Physical copies of the English version can also be purchased here, but you will have to navigate the Spanish language site. We have been told that they are working on getting the  physical version of the comic on Amazon.


It might not be ground breaking news, but it is nice to see Bitcoin getting into alternative forms of media. Educating the masses about bitcoin usually requires them to want to be educated in the first place. This gives the digital currency a new way to enter into people's consciousness.

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