Last week, we told you about the Bitcoin themed comic book currently funding on Swarm. Its working title is The Hunt For Satoshi and it is the first project launched on the Swarm discounting the platform's own crowdsale.

So, why are we bringing it up again? Because the creator has announced that Bitcoin's number two guy (after Satoshi himself)  will be signing five copies and giving them away in memory of legendary cypherpunk cryptographer, early internet pioneer and PGP creator Hal Finney.

You might be thinking that you'll need a lot of swarm coins or BTC to get your hands on one. But the truth is a lot more fun than that. Users are being asked to create artwork that they feel best represent the first bitcoin transaction, which involved Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney himself, way back at block 170. .

The top five selections will be sent their exclusive Andresen signed comic to them free of charge. Certainly a nice keepsake to show your grandchildren in the crypto-dominated future. You can find out more about the contest here.

We also received a bit more information about the comic itself. Its creators are huge fans of cryptography in general, not just cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, there will be hidden Easter eggs and references to Finney that hardcore cryptographers can look out for.

The story focuses on Bob, a man accused of being Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Just like the Satoshi that was accused by Newsweek, Bob maintains he had nothing to do with the digital currency's creation and needed to have it explained to him by a cypherpunk.

The plan is to explain bitcoin's revolutionary abilities in plain language in a way that isn't intimidating for most comic readers, while also giving Bitcoin enthusiasts something to not only enjoy, but share with their friends and families.

You may be wondering, as I was, what decisions coin holders get to make about the comic. The creators say that coin holders will get to decide on the cover and name of the comic (apparently, The Hunt for Satoshi is a tentative title).

Currently, The Hunt For Satoshi has raised 17.85 BTC of its 45 BTC goal. It is funding until October 15th. A regular copy can be obtained for 0.05 BTC while a special hardcover edition runs for 0.2 BTC. More rewards are offered at higher levels and the creators asked that I mention they are looking for more publishers in various countries and point out that it is relatively cheap to publish a completed comic.

With any luck, if Hal Finney ever wakes up from his cryogenically frozen state, one of the first things he will see is the art work the community created for him in his absence. 

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