It appears that Poloniex is under a severe DDoS attack which started at around 10 pm on Friday, as confirmed on the exchange’s Twitter handle.

Severe DDoS

This is the second DDoS attack to have targeted Poloniex in the last seven days. Poloniex is yet to confirm whether it lost any of its assets because of the last DDoS attack.

Earlier this week, Cointelegraph discussed how Poloniex was unable to cope with user demand.

Users outraged

Within the last hour, all currency pairs have remained static and users are complaining that they are unable to trade. Currently, BTC/USDT is not stuck in the $1,761 mark. Below is a screenshot of the only activity that has occurred within the last hour. It shows that BTC/ETH traded on the same mark for over a period of time with no volume. This is likely to be a glitch.

Bitcoin Exchange

Needless to say, many users are outraged since they are stuck in limbo at the moment. The Trollbox, an internal communication tool, is exploding with users’ frustration. It seems that most are unable to execute orders or withdraw funds.


As some of the users have pointed out, API services are not working either.

Bitcoin Exchange Poloniex Under Severe DDoS Attack Again, Users Outraged

Cointelegraph will keep you posted on the development of the situation.