The team behind the Digitex Futures exchange reports that the launch of its trading platform’s beta version has been successful. Now, the company is working on further developments, taking into account user feedback in order to prepare for the launch of the mainnet.

Digitex reports it is going to incentivize the testers of its public beta version by launching the Digitex Daily Trading Battle on Friday Jan. 17. Users will not only be able to compete for prizes but can also familiarize themselves with the platform and try out all kinds of daring trading strategies without worrying about losing actual funds.

The company says it wants its exchange to produce more winning traders. That’s why it is organizing trading competitions to give users the chance to improve their scalp trading skills on the testnet. 

The beta version of the platform will be available after the launch of the mainnet as well. As a result, beginners will still be able to use the testnet as a learning environment, and advanced traders will get a tool for sharpening their skills and trying out new trading techniques.

According to Digitex, the competition will last 100 days and produce 100 winners each day. Traders will also have the chance to win prizes through referrals. For this, users should share referral links on their social channels with their friends — and if any of them end up being one of the 100 daily winners, whoever sent them the referral will get the same prize. 

Not only will this competition serve as a stress-test for the platform and to battle-harden traders in preparation for the mainnet, but it will also bring greater attention to the exchange and help the company onboard new users. 

The CEO and founder of Digitex Futures, Adam Todd, explains: “The Digitex Trading Battle is a series of ongoing battles preparing our traders for real live trading with actual DGTX. We aim to grow our numbers, popularize scalping, and create a highly liquid BTC futures market by mainnet launch.”


Trading interface

The team states that Digitex allows traders to place buy and sell orders over and over again without having to pay any fees at any moment. 

Beyond removing the commissions from trading Bitcoin futures, the Digitex project has become well known for its trading interface, the team adds. Users can stay in the zone and watch the price movement go up and down on both sides of the ladder.

New features are being constantly added to the platform, “making it more user-friendly and convenient” for different types of traders. For instance, the recent launch of the depth chart — a position-lines feature — allows users to immediately see both their entry price and liquidation price.

Futures down the road

According to the company’s earlier reports, after the mainnet launch, it is going to offer its users a wide range of crypto futures contracts, including Litecoin (LTC) and Ether (ETH). It will also consider adding traditional futures markets — including forex, metals, commodities and indexes. Thereby, the company is striving to attract traditional retail futures traders who are interested in commission-free trading.

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