In a move that makes them one of the first to suggest any support on either side of the debate, has offered its users limited BIP148 withdrawal ability after the August 1 deadline.

The company provides a platform where users have the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin online directly to other users, “embracing the nature of Bitcoin.” As a peer to peer currency exchange, it is one of the first platforms to offer any kind of guidance for users regarding the UASF (user activated soft fork) vs. MASF (miner activated soft fork) debate on scaling.

Concession's founder announced that the company would provide users with at least a limited withdrawal ability after the August 1 date. While he has specifically commented that the company does not have an official stance, he nevertheless stated that if the chain splits, “we’ll implement a process where users can withdraw their coins from the minority fork.”

Of course this is a withdrawal-only concession, but it is still a means for the Bitcoin community to avoid the potential difficulties. If the split occurs safely, then replay protection for the withdrawals will exist.

Users will be encouraged that at least one platform is already responding to the concerns of the community. As August 1 approaches, more companies will need to provide similar kinds of responses.