In Greece opening a new business was the most difficult achievement because of overregulation and the papers which the Greek Authorities demand for the opening in past years. But in 2016 things have been improved.

We take as an example “Aggelos”, which is a normal neighborhood tavern in Haidari.

With its burgers, pansetes, a meal called Gardoubakia and well cooked meals. The owner Nick Houtas has been devoted to food and life, he does his best to keep the company afloat in such difficult times. He also invites musicians, has a facebook page and participates in sites regarding food and taste like Askforfood.

In 2012 he had a brilliant idea to welcome Bitcoin as a currency into his tavern and accept it from his customers.

Cointelegraph correspondent Marinos Kokkinos has interviewed Mr. Nick Houtas:

Cointelegraph: What motivated you to accept BTC?

Nick Houtas: Dealing with new technologies and other alternative digital ways of payment.

CT: What are the benefits of BTC implementation in your industry?

NH: It’s an innovative method of payment and we are always searching for new alternative digital innovative ways of payments, up to date there have been several tourists from 2012 that came to my store to pay with BTC, but also to meet me in person, highlighting the last summer of 2015 in which due to the Greek economical and political circumstances the tourists were increased.

CT: What has been your experience up to now as a bitcoin user ?

NH: I regard it as a very good method, unfortunately in Greece it is not as widespread as in other countries where they use it on a daily basis, but I believe that in the near future this will change.

CT: Which legislation governs your business ?

NH: There are many legislations governing the operation of my business, such as Health department, Veterinary, Tax department, Social department of insurance, Police and Fire department and Brigade.

CT: For someone to legally open a restaurant in Greece, which professionals would they require? Can you pay them in BTC?

NH: You will need an Accountant, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Technicians, Food experts. You cannot pay them in BTC.

Only the tourists have increased by 20% as clients who are willing to pay in BTC. This has gone up at the Tavern. He was introduced to the Bitcoin World by Ms Alison Margaret from Blockchain, as she has eaten there and she paid in BTC in 2012.

On the contrary, in other countries, the necessary work that a businessman has to do in order to open a BTC restaurant is more simple and efficient.

Nick Houtas, the owner of Aggelos