Trezor, a hardware Bitcoin wallet manufacturer, is one of the few platforms that shared significant support for Bitcoin Cash and is currently looking to make itself compatible with BCC.

With the current debacle about Bitcoin, there are very few wallets that showed support for Bitcoin Cash, and among those few are Trezor and Electrum, albeit unofficially.

Supporting Bitcoin Cash

After considering Bitcoin Unlimited a laughing stock, now Trezor seems to embrace Bitcoin Cash.

In a blog, Trezor said its decision to support Bitcoin Cash was brought about by the latter’s implementation of protection against replay attacks. Because of that Trezor will be able to support the currency securely.

“We will provide an interface, accessible from Trezor Wallet, where you can access and safely claim your Bitcoin Cash coins. You will be prompted by Trezor Wallet once you select “Bitcoin Cash” in the currency selector. After this, you can use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash side by side.”

The unofficial Electrum support?

Aside from Trezor, Electrum initially has also thrown support for Bitcoin Cash. However, Electrum’s support was not official. From the official team who are managing Electrum, someone has taken the source code on GitHub and altered it to support Bitcoin Cash. And with that unofficial move, Electrum has come out to clarify the issue.

In a tweet, Electrum said that it does not support BCC.

Electrum has also posted an official statement on a blog stating their non-support for Bitcoin Cash.

“Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is a hard fork that changes the difficulty rules of Bitcoin. Therefore, SPV wallets written for Bitcoin will reject the block headers of a BCC fork, and so will Electrum. This means that Electrum will reject block headers sent by Electrum server running Bitcoin Cash and that users will not be able to send and receive BCC using Electrum.”