Max Keiser has repeated his vision of Bitcoin reaching $5,000, as prices Monday steam towards $3,500. A bull run for BTC which began Friday has continued, accelerating Monday so see the cryptocurrency gain a further 4.7 percent in the past 24 hours.

Keiser, who had previously forecast Bitcoin climbing to $5,000 “in the short term,” reiterated his opinion in light of the latest price action. Keiser added that Bitcoin’s price could easily “cruise through” the $5,000 barrier.

“Government money printing monopolies are being replaced,” he added.

Concerns that the Bitcoin Cash fork could impede progress toward this goal have subsided as the price of Bitcoin Cash has tumbled. Though Bitcoin Cash price is slowly recovering, it faced significant losses last week as it dropped from $727 to almost $200. Currently, it is trading at around $290, up 30 percent since Sunday, but still no apparent threat to Bitcoin’s supremacy.