Bitcoin Accepting Open-Airs and Festivals of 2014

Many experts have named 2014 the year of Bitcoin – time, when the virtual currency is going to enter all possible spheres of life and provide its dedicated users with comprehensive products and services. Although the online entertainment has excessive offers from gambling to gaming, online activities are still missing. Several festivals are going to change it.

At least 7 very interesting, alternative and bohemian events have decided to add some spice to attract creative and outsized auditory from the cryptographic society. Let us observe the line-ups and offered attractions to make the most out of the upcoming warm days.

Boom Festival


This festival definitely deserves to be mentioned first. Boom festival happens only once per two years, at the Idanha A Nova Lake, Castelo Branco, Portugal. The 2014 is going to be the anniversary year featuring the 10th event. It will be launched at the 4th of August to last till the 11th – actually during the full moon.


The slogan of it speaks for itself:

“No to corporate sponsors, corporate logos and VIPs, yes to independence, solidarity and creativity.”

To prepay the visit go to the page, choose Bitcoin and complete the routine at BitPay – no complications or extraordinary big fees. The program is very excessive for very reasonable prices – stage performances, flea market, dance temple, healing area, psychedelic art museum, utopia boom landing and many more corners of cognition.  


Lost Theory Festival



The Eastern Europe offers a similar colorful and loud event in Deringaj, Croatia, from the 22nd to the 28th July. The overall event is divided in five parts – the main stage, secret chamber, ambient garden, dub forest and culture dome. The list of participating musicians and performers is already populated. To pay for the fun with Bitcoin attenders have to contact the organizing team of the Lost Theory festival to receive the payment details ([email protected]).  





Lucidity is going to be launched very soon, so hurry to get some tickets still available – from the 11th to 13th April at the Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, California. The program features transformational arts and lots of music. The festival has chosen to split the performers in seven parts called villages. The ticket purchase is processed by Coinbase.



Vegas Loves Brazil



Among psychedelic happenings at the same time open-air and very close to the nature, the Vegas Loves Brazil logically is going to be hosted by Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The level of urbanization does not matter as the event is going to provide the guests with traditional Brazilian food and drinks, dance, carnival and lots of native music. Although the launch is planned to be on the 5th April, but the duration is only two days, the Bitcoin payment scheme is not clear.



Dig South



Once again - April, from the 9th to 13th, around Charleston, South Carolina. The Dig South “is the Southeast’s interactive festival celebrating innovation and the digital economy” – both music and technology innovation. Two days will be dedicated to a conference featuring really interesting speakers, but the theme of the whole event formulated by the administration is:


“The theme for 2014 is #mobilize. Conference presenters will explore the mobilization of digital tools, platforms and the global workforce. General tracks include technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, gaming and ecosystems/culture.”

Simple payment steps are presented on the homepage of the meetup.


Porc Fest



Porc Fest or generally the Porcupine Freedom Festival is less about music, but more about liberty and union of people. Camping and discussions to make new friends are a priority task of every participant. The nature is going to be definitely friendly by 22nd -29th of June at Northern New Hampshire. The payments are once again processed by Coinbase.



International Startup Festival


If the socializing aspect attracts You more, but the Porc Fest is not enough, we advise to consider the International Startup Festival in Montreal, Canada. The event is rather young, is organized since 2001, but attracts thousands of people every year. The date is not chosen, but it will be definitely in summer. Description of the event days:

“Startupfest offers a unique blend of deep content, inspiring stories, unbeatable networking, and unmistakable festival vibe.”


The Coin Telegraph is going to follow all mentioned event. In case You have heard about other interesting Bitcoin-friendly events – let us know!





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