If the dollar has Wall Street as its heart and soul, but the most determining events in the existence of euro are conducted in Frankfurt, than Bitcoin as a respectable and reliable currency needs a representation in the physical world. The cryptographic society has decided to give a hand to the humanity to convince possible users in the advantages of the virtual money network. For this purpose on the New Year’s Eve, the 31st December, the Bitcoin center was opened.

The agency is placed at 40 Broad Street that actually is located in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. The aim of the center is to provide Bitcoin services, advice and general information. The opening ceremony called together several hundreds of Bitcoin users and specialists. This event means very much for the development of the payment method, the overall popularization of cryptographic currencies and, definitely, will enter the history as a separate date to be remembered. It does not mean that the interest and work of the organization will be limited to a single coin – the venue features all presently existing values and currencies, and might widen the spectrum due to invention and launching of some new types of digital moneys.

As the place is also an invention hub, a startup and idea incubator, young entrepreneurs are welcome to receive support and investments. The staff includes educational professionals, economists, experienced people, who will be holding seminars, workshops and presentations offered to the participants. These events might be interesting for both possible idea generators and plain users.

One of the co-founders of the center is Nick Spanos, an experienced businessman in the field of Bitcoin, who has spoken to the guests of the ceremony. He has finished his performance with the yell: “I’ll pay $700 for one Bitcoin”. It was the key signal to launch trading among the people present.

Another familiar face on the celebration was Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas. He has attached a QR-code on his back, on the jacket. The code was leading to his Bitcoin wallet to accept donations for his campaign of 2014. This deed makes Mr. Stockman the first authority to officially support and recognize the currency. Also, he has announced that in 2014 he is going to lobby a bill providing protection to the cryptographic currency and, actually, legalizing it.

In case some of our dear readers are coin users planning to visit New York, do not forget to pay attention in person to the new center – it needs support, recognition and ideas from active participants.