Several news, saying that bitcoin enters the physical world, were readable both this week and the previous decade of the year. As long as the popularity grows the demand for real world presence has also increased. People prefer to use virtual money, to hold them in digital wallets, but equip themselves with wooden tags holding the information on the account, sell drives with mined coins and otherwise strengthen the bond of the coin with the reality. Christmas is coming and this holiday has always been believed to be a season of miracles, family gathering and presents. Bitcoin is unable to get round and the environment features many interesting offers. One of them could not be missed out by our news portal.

The startup company from Amsterdam - Bit4coin, which was launches in November of this year decided to provide the market with three types of vouchers of gift cards. The present could be a great pleasure for an experienced user (extra money is always great to receive), and for beginners, who needed stimulation to enter the society of the cryptocurrency.

The principles of the gift cards are very simple – there are three values 25, 50 and 100 dollars. The card with the highest nominal is a top seller according to the developers of the idea. The use of the voucher has also three steps. First step considers the purchase – chose one of the offers, pay for it via bank transfer (no other possibility is features as the service is oriented on EU residents), the vouchers comes in an email and can be simply activated on a page. The second step is to provide it to endows, but no one can prohibit using it yourself. The coins on the card can be used for any purpose a bitcoin can be used – buying, selling, keeping. The third step is the redemption of the vouchers. To redeem it is necessary to go back to the page of the developers and to click “redeem voucher”. If the user already has a wallet he provides the service with the address, in case he or she is a beginner the page help to create a new wallet. On the backside of the voucher is a code, a protection surface should be removed, but the code entered during the activation process. The only thing left is to check the wallet if the coin have entered and to start using them.

The service developers comment their idea: “We believe that by turning an abstract technology such as a virtual currency into a physical item like a gift voucher, we make Bitcoin much more accessible to new users.” And it is an unarguable truth – the overall amount of card sold is over 500 and the initiative is already evaluated by experts of the digital world as success and good example for other companies. So, dear reader, do not miss this opportunity – Christmas is coming, and I am sure there are still some presents missing in Your sack!