Young entrepreneur and multimillionaire Ver Roger proved that he is true “The Bitcoin Jesus” and made the largest bitcoin donation ever. In the latest video on YouTube Roger tels that the real success of Bitcoin is yet to come.

Ver Roger was born in the world’s technology development center – the Silicon Valley. When he was 19-years old Rogers managed to open his first business called MemoryDealers. In the beginning he was selling discount computer accessories at online store. A young man invested in his 1.4 thousand dollars that he earned during summer, to buy several hard drives and then sold them on eBay. Exactly this venture helped Roger to earn his first million.

First time when Roger heard about bitcoin digital currency on the radio he had skeptical opinion, though he realized that this might be the best form of money that has ever existed in the world. He began to search for any information concidering Bitcoin.

Soon after, Rogers invested in Later he invested in many other projects related to digital currency, including BitPay, BlockShain, CoinLab etc. Rogers believed in bitcoin future and became one of the first companies that accept bitcoin payments. Moreover, when nobody really knew about bitcoin Rogers had put up a huge roadside billboard to advertise digital currency.

Peter Vessenes, CEO of Bitcoin Foundation, even gave Rogers the nickname “The Bitcoin Jesus” for his generous and faith in digital currency.

On the 30th November Rogers made one million dollars or one thousand coins donation to the Foundation for Economic Education ( It is the world’s largest bitcoin donation ever. Rogers called it as a price for “losing” a bed he had made a couple of years ago – he made a bet for $10,000 that bitcoin would “outperform gold, silver, the US stock market and the US dollar by more than one hundred times over the next two years”.

In the latest video Rogers made a statement: “I’m here today to say that I was wrong, In reality it took about two years and two months for bitcoin to outperform everything else by more than a hundred times. Over that time, gold and silver are down, the stock market is up about 45 per cent, but Bitcoin is up more than 15,000 per cent, or more than three hundred times everything else.”

It is worth to mention, that in the beginning of 2011 bitcoin prices stood at about 1 dollar, and now it is traded for 1 thousand dollars.

However, Rogers consider that this is not a limit for digital currency. He believes that it should cost tens or even hundreds of thousands dollars.

In the video Rogers shared his inspiration and said: “I will proudly continue to promote Bitcoin full time because I see it as the best chance the world has ever seen at creating a more peaceful society in which all human interactions are voluntary, and outside groups of people calling themselves the state are no longer able to violently interject themselves into the affairs of others”.

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