With endless articles, forum discussions and innovations, observers may be forgiven for thinking that the world of Bitcoin has grown rapidly confusing.

It was high time the process of Bitcoin education started producing simplified outreach material, especially when giving a general overview of the concept.

Enter the Interactive Bitcoin Mind Map, a product that comes courtesy of a fairly unlikely source in the form of UK-based broker Choice Loans.

No more crypto-confusion

The map breaks the topic into four sections covering Bitcoin for the consumer and merchant, as well as covering innovation and alternatives, i.e. altcoins. Information is then further restructured to cover all the major aspects of cryptocurrency.

The layout of the map is instantly refreshing for curious potential users, many of whom will be used to trawling YouTube’s many “What is Bitcoin?” video offerings hoping that their individual query will be answered by one of them.

Rather than featuring tailored explanations in a wiki format, however, clicking on individual subheadings redirects to a main authority on that particular subject. “What is Bitcoin mining?” redirects to bitcoinmining.com, while “Who created it?” links to a Businessweek article from March discussing whether the true Satoshi Nakamoto had been found.

 As such, the Bitcoin Mind Map is more of a switchboard than an authority, connecting queries with the appropriate party, somewhat like Choice Loans itself. Its overview format is clever, however, in that it presents novice users with the main names in cryptocurrency at a glance, in segregated areas, giving welcome context to many oft-misunderstood elements of the field. Links are even labeled according to whether they are to a video, article or website.

Choice Loans itself has been Bitcoin-friendly for some time, and is currently running a promotion in conjunction with the infographic. “Choice Loans will be giving one person at random a £125 in Bitcoins,” states a blog entry, “straight to your Bitcoin wallet, which of course is the perfect way to kickstart your Bitcoin journey.”

Users can enter by sharing the map via social media channels, more details of which can be found here. With new resources such as this hitting news feeds, the need for the public to understand Bitcoin is getting much welcomed support.

You can view the interactive Bitcoin mind map by following this link.