First of all let us take some time and congratulate the developer of the bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto on being a nominee The Guardian’s Person of the Year 2013. To be on the shortlist means being active and responsive in the past year, they have to be active in their field of occupation, as well as be on the news during the whole year. The more positive the news was – the closer is the competitor to become a household name.

The name of Satoshi Nakamoto was placed on the list on the Charles Arthur, The Guardian’s technology editor’s initiative. He sees no problem in the point that the real identity of the coin developer stays unknown to the public for almost 5 years. He describes it as the key factor – a humble person or group sustains the wish to leave the dark and to manipulate their creation. The idea, the basic functioning principles, rules, limits and possibilities are given with no reward to the humanity.

Other people also nominated for the Person of Year prize are Pope Francis, for the friendly attitude to all people, regular contact via modern media, his position on money and wealth; Marco Weber and Sini Saarela, Greenpeace activist for rising attention in the society for global environmental problems; Edward Snowden, for his view on “My Way” to honesty and freedom; Elon Musk for innovative technological solutions; Kanye West, for creative approach to music and politics; Andy Murray, as the long strived Wimbledon champion from the UK; Waris Dirie, fighter for women’s health; Jack Monroe on austerity and poverty in everyday life in the stone jungles of the cities.

The given to Satoshi Nakamoto credit does not save him from further investigations from bictoin activists that set up the goal to determine his identity. Ted Nelson, who by the way established the basics of hyperlinks, decided to bring a video on YouTube, where he plays Sherlock Holmes and proves who Satoshi is by means of deduction. His inferences have led him to a Japanese mathematician, Professor Shinichi Mochizuki, who earlier has solved the ABC Conjecture - a task, one of the most complicated and crucial for the new age of mathematics. His solution is currently checked, as it might ask several years from the experts. It has been offered to them on an Internet page, but the author himself rejected offers to read lectured and tried to distance from the results. Nelson sees the chance to receive what belongs to him in revealing to the world that he is the developer of the crypto currency as well. He supposes that it would be fair to award this deed the Nobel Prize for Economics.

However, ted nelson thinks that Satoshi Nakamoto should use his brilliance of a “great and all-seeing mind” to “the compelling and less abstract problems of mankind – nuclear weapons, terrorism or pollution perhaps.”