Bitcoin’s advance into the mainstream continues with Canadian-based Newnote Financial now advertising its “integrated platform” for the currency on Business News Network. 

The company purchased 200 slots on the channel for a 30-second advertisement, according to CryptoCoinsNews. 
Tip of the iceberg? 
Newnote, which began as a subsidiary of Winrock Resources, is now entirely focused on the crypto-space and is developing several ambitious projects, Bitcoin ATMs among them. CEO Paul Dickson has confirmed that presenting Bitcoin in simple terms to enable seamless mainstream adoption is a central aim of Newnote. 
Meanwhile, The BlackCoin Foundation has announced its nomination of a professional PR firm “to help promote BlackCoin through various target media.” BlackCoin is currently going through a heavy publicity phase, as Cointelegraph reported recently, targeting Wall Street later this month in support of BlackCard. 
The PR firm’s identity has not yet been released but the Foundation assures the community on its blog, “you will not be disappointed.” The task is now to raise a further $15,000 to cover costs, and the community is invited to make donations as well as contribute to the marketing strategy in an “open floor” approach. BlackCoin has furthermore made the initial marketing overview available for public scrutiny. 
Newnote’s similar aim to introduce a broader range of consumers to cryptocurrencies is part of its general commitment to support growth in the sector. “We’re not going backwards now,” said Dickson. 
There is, however, a big disparity between entrepreneurial optimism and government reluctance to tackle the issue of cryptocurrencies. While Newnote cemented TV advertising, Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz told Canadian newspaper The Times Colonist, “These are early days ... and so far digital currencies have not made it to what we call money," adding that "We've got a way to go before we need to be thinking about policy implications.”