Two days ago a group of developers announced the launch of a beta version of the Bitcoin App Store for iOS and Android. The announcement was made on Reddit and gained a massive response from the community.
The team’s major achievement is the ability to circumvent the restrictions and physical barriers created by Apple to keep the official App Store unique. Now the users are offered the ability to purchase Bitcoin-related applications on an unofficial marketplace built on the protocols of the IT giant.
Technological Response to Removal of Block Chain App
Andrew Desantis is the main initiator behind the product. He has united with Avalonic staff to create an alternative application store. In the beginning the idea was to allow installing apps without the interference of Apple between the developers and users.
Mr. Desantis has studied carefully the Apple protocol, but once the block chain app was removed from the store he understood that his work might be appropriate for the Bitcoin environment. 
It took him and his team 9 months of work and now the innovative product hopes to become legitimate.
The platform in testing mode was given the name Bit Store. In time the first wallet application will be offered to the users, but everyone willing to install it is agreeing to take part in the testing of the new service.
The variety of products offered is not going to be limited to Bitcoin-related products. The List of wallets and news applications will be augmented by software exchanged for Bitcoin.
The main aim is to offer applications suitable for all the most widespread platforms. The developers are not going to concentrate their attention only on iOS. 
Public Reception