In an interview with Cointelegraph, Roger Ver, owner, confirmed his conviction that the whole business idea was enveloped in fraud.

OneCoin’s Blockchain

However, Roger Ver lacks an opinion on whether OneCoin’s Recently launched “Blockchain” at a mammoth event in Bangkok is genuine or fake. Many have called it a deception and a little Shutterstock video that cost just €19.

Ver says:

“I don’t know enough about that to have an opinion. A lot of controversies have surrounded the company’s new Blockchain.”

There has been a strong adverse reaction by a large number of people in the crypto space who think OneCoin is a Ponzi scheme, not a cryptocurrency. .

Crypto exhibits

Opinions are that the nature of Dr. Ruja’s digital currency does not exhibit cryptocurrency. “There is never a cryptocurrency without a wallet. This sounds like more evidence of its fraudulent nature. OneCoin isn’t traded on a single exchange anywhere in the world as far as I know,” Ver reiterates the opinion of so many others.

Moreover, one particular coin that is missing on the Coin Market Cap is OneCoin. This, therefore, raises a lot of doubts and unanswered questions. To Ver, the claim by Dr. Ruja that her new Blockchain mined more than 1.9 bln coins in 60 seconds does not make any sense at all.

Bitcoin image

Most Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors who have expressed their displeasure about the matter believe OneCoin’s operation can drag the image of the pioneer cryptocurrency in the mud.

In Juxtaposition, Ver surmised if Onecoin goes down it cannot drag Bitcoin’s image along. He believes it will rather enhance Bitcoin. “I think it would help Bitcoin since most Bitcoin users have been pointing out that OneCoin is a scam for a long time now,” he says.

Ver is, therefore, urging the public especially the digital currency community to make good use of due diligence when investing in any company.

In fact, this is a paramount call that must not be ignored by all and sundry. “Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand,” concludes the man, who does not like the nickname Bitcoin Jesus given to him by some members of the Blockchain fraternity.