Recently Cointelegraph was able to determine whether the Bitcoin users are able to “…to Satisfy the Primary Needs of Humans” using the virtual coin and suffering no delays. The life of an ordinary human, even if he or she prefers to make his or her groceries with the digital currency is not reduced to a simple wish as food or water, sometimes he or she would like to escape the reality and travel somewhere outside the everyday routine.

For those, who are going to make a trip due to holidays or business, willing to pay with Bitcoin and not that much as the inhabitants of Savoy or Radisson venues, they have a great list of choice all over the world. Let us create some sort of ranking, where the last position is never going to be the least – everyone are seen equal and the data provided is merely information to consider in future planning the time on the way.

The most interesting venue among all is definitely the Guatemala placed Zephyr Lodge Lanquín hotel. It is a really pleasant place to visit, a real resort with magnificent service and extraordinary nature surrounding to walk through. The homepage of the place warns that sorting everything out at the venue might be more profitable than purchasing a package in an agency. The administration also warns that “there are no ATM's or banks in Lanquin so please plan accordingly”. That makes the hotel even more appropriate and comfortable for virtual currency holders ready to perform a trip.

The Teddy Bear Hostel in Riga, Latvia, also accepts Bitcoin as one of the provided payment methods. The contact with the administration gave the information on the idea – it is an experiment, which is really appreciated by many guests. The venue is located between the crowded district featuring the Central Market and the Railway Station, and the merely silent Old City.

The B&B Hostel Krasnoyarsk homepage features a welcoming Bitcoin sign. For those, who are going for the first time to visit the city – tours and excursions are also provided for the virtual coins.

Pedro’s Inn Backpacker Hostel in Belize is also welcoming guests willing to pay in the coins. For full fun and relax the bar and restaurant also accept payments in the digital currency.

Guesthouse Bachmann is on the boarder of Germany and Italy; the staff understands both languages and provides great service in the mountains.

Without the top-5 mentioned top-class and cheap solutions at the same time are many other places accepting Bitcoins and offering many different types of services besides the clean and fresh bad and tasty aromatic breakfast, among them – the Pacific Tradewins Hotel in San Francisco, Bed and Breakfast Del Corso in Napoli, Italy, Howard Johnson Hotel and Conference Center in California, Villa Sart in Gdansk, Poland, Haikou Banana Hostel in Japan, Lekkerurlaub Notaufnahme Guest House and Bistro in Berlin, Germany.

For further information, please visit the initial pages of the venues or booking mediators for further information and cancellation data.