Russian ASIC miner manufacturer Bitfury has begin shipping their Full Kits to customers in the US and Europe. Each machine has 400 GH/s of mining power.

Machines are available through Bitfury’s resellers.

The kits feature a single master board, 16 hashing boards and a Raspberry Pi to control everything.

Kits were supposed to arrive at the end of August, and these early shippers (more will ship in October) commanded a hefty premium. The Full Kits slated for early shipping were sold for just above $20,000 while the later shippers are selling for $10,125.

Bitfury also offers Starter Kits with a single hashing board for $1,350.

Resellers include MegaBigPower in the US, Bitfury Strikes Back in the EU and Metabank in Russia.

Two hundred of the Full Kits were sold to US-region customers for both late and early deliveries. Early deliveries accounted for 50 sales, or about 20 TH/s in mining power.

If all of Bitfury’s units sell and begin mining, it’s likely that they will introduce 400 TH/s of mining power to the network.