Bitcoin brokerage BitNational is set to roll out the largest bitcoin brokerage and ATM network in Western Canada, as it looks to increase trust and access to Bitcoin in the region and beyond.

The network, which will be launched at the 1019 17th Ave. Calgary brokerage on May, comes after the acquisition earlier this month of Bitcoin Brains, Calgary’s oldest and most established bitcoin brokerage, for US$2.1 million.

The acquisition made BitNational the largest over-the-counter bitcoin brokerage and ATM network in Canada, with co-founder Matt Haddon saying at the time it was a significant step towards building a nationwide network in the country.

BitNational plans to launch the new network, which it says will bring Canadians ease of access and a name to trust within the digital currency sector, in partnership with Waves Coffee House. Waves will be initiating the largest storefront support in Canada for buying food and beverages and trading with bitcoin.

“We see this as the opportune moment to raise serious awareness about bitcoin,” said BitNational co-founder Drew Glover. He added:

“There is a rapidly expanding group of individuals around the planet beginning to comprehend the significance of this innovative technology. This is not going away anytime soon.”

Waves Coffee House will launch an industry-first initiative by selling bitcoin to customers for cheaper than any bitcoin exchange worldwide for the duration of the launch party in a bid to encourage people to try it.

“We have been in the industry watching it grow and see this as the opportunity to show a large volume of people how exciting Bitcoin really is,” explained Haddon. “When we are literally going to provide you with more digital cash than the paper cash you give us, there really is no disadvantage to trying this new currency out.”

BitNational said, “There will be draws each day for free bitcoin, door prizes, free coffee and every Waves Coffee House on the list is also now accepting bitcoin as a choice of payment for customers.”  

The celebration, which will last eight days, ends on May 29, with all locations and dates available here