Bitcoin Innovations LTD announced today that they would be launching a brand new cryptocurrency exchange in London. The new exchange will not only feature a wide variety of altcoins that can be traded and exchanged but also a wide variety of fiat currencies as well. Finally the new company, Bitok, will also offer mining contracts. Advertised to be the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange in the business and to top it off, they are a firm believer in anonymity, requesting no documents before registration. Although they do request personal information, there is no requirement to verify. They also have a wide range of payment options, both for deposit and withdrawal, from wire transfers to OKPay, Perfect Money, and Egopay.

The website has numerous tools that make using it simple even for beginners. There are a number of features, such as trade history and dynamics, market volume and depth and the current exchange rates that make keeping up with your investments pretty simple. There is even an “instant Bitcoin purchase” to allow new users to begin trading immediately. The company is located and officially registered in London, it claims to have very effective security plan, highly resistant to attacks. It recommends its users to use two-factor authentication and the site keeps detailed logs of user activity to make it easier to detect fraud.

Bitok will also be selling mining contracts at 10 GH/s for $19 until October 1, 2014. This initial period will be followed by mining contracts being available on the market where the price will be set by supply and demand. Mining is conducted on GHash.IO because of the partnership between Bitok and CEX.IO, which is more focused on day trading and long term mining investments. Contracts are valid for one year with a guarantee from to buy the contract at the end of the period for current market price. Buying a mining contract makes more economic sense for most people than investing thousands on equipment, paying huge electrical bills and worrying about heat and noise for a few mBTC. Once the contract is purchased, the owner can go to sleep and never worry about downtime or buying replacement equipment.

The company also lists a professional support staff that included both a ticket system and live chat. The system is brand new so no reviews have been done by the community yet.

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