BitPay is continuing to impress with its unprecedented growth as it has announced that they have opened its European Headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This appears to be just the latest move by BitPay as part of an aggressive growth strategy to bolster its presence on the European continent where it is currently serving over 7,000 merchants with the goal to raise that number to 30,000 by the end of 2014. 

New Staff

Moe Levin who has joined BitPay as the company’s European Director of Business Development will head the new European office. He speaks five languages and has several years of Bitcoin experience, most recently as a conference organizer in Amsterdam and Miami, according to BitPay’s official blog statement.

“Being Bitcoin ready is about more than accepting bitcoin, it’s about being ready for the future,” says Levin.

Another addition to the BitPay team is Pieter Poorthuis as the Senior Sales Engineer who will handle sales and customer implementation in the Eurozone. Previously, Piter was in charge of implementing ING’s mobile payment products. 

New Board Member

Finally, Marcel Roelants also joined BitPay’s Board of Advisors. Marcel is a former General Manager of MasterCard in the Netherlands and was previously Managing Director of General Electric in Belgium where he managed 170 people. 

“As the world of payments is changing rapidly, being on the forefront, BitPay offers technology and support to merchants,” says Roelants. “Establishing its headquarters in Amsterdam is a great way to be closer to its European customers.”

BitPay is known for their ultra-lean staff, which now totals at 33 people with these two latest additions. 

Looking to the Future