The looming deadline for the scaling crisis facing Bitcoin has produced some strong statements and sentiments on either side of the debate. The question of a UAHF (user-activated hard fork) or UASF (user-activated soft fork) has led to a bifurcation of the otherwise unified Bitcoin community.

As companies in the marketplace continue to seek to maintain their user numbers, they are forced to take sides in the debate. The recent announcement by Bitmain infuriated many supporters of the UASF, leading to calls for the abandonment of Bitmain services.

The most recent announcement has come from Bixin, the Chinese Bitcoin pool. The company provides “a host of Bitcoin-related services, including customizable multi-sig wallet, exchange, and BTC-mining based, interest-bearing saving accounts.”

The company announced support for the SegWit proposal, stating:

“We consider Segwit as technologically mature and feasible: it has been deployed successfully by numerous wallets within our community, and it has been activated on Litecoin successfully. Given that Segwit2x is based on Segwit, we will support Segwit.”

The response from the community has been mixed, as some in favor of other proposals have rejected the announcement as politically motivated rather than technologically sound.