The fact is that sometimes decentralization is simply a hassle, especially if you are looking to stay up to date on a particular altcoin, having to sift through all the news, updates and releases. Even some websites dedicated to specific currencies are in desperate need of an overhaul. Blackcoin however has decided to solve this problem by creating BLKfeed. While a few coins have decent forums, there are few that actually offer real time news related specifically to their coin.

When you log into the website you will see “news tiles” on the left hand side of your screen. These panels are updated in real time and display everything Blackcoin. The top of the page is lined with real time price widgets that give you the up-to-the-minute price of Blackcoin on both MintPal and Cryptsy and finally the 24 hour volume for Blackcoin. There are also plans to launch another section in the next few days that will give a general overview of merchants and services that accept Blackcoin for payments. Advantages include:

  • Live Updating Price Widgets. The current widgets only support exchanges that accept Blackcoin. Future updates will however be configurable, allowing the user to select their favorite exchange, as long as they have the appropriate API.
  • Blackcoin Merchant Listing, which will be added soon, will be an informative look at various merchants that accept Blackcoin. The list includes exchanges, shops, services and other businesses and links directly to the business are provided.
  • Up to Date news panels are very good at keeping users informed of everything that his happening with Blackcoin without having to surf cryptocurrency news sites and Twitter. This is a truly one stop website.
  • IRC Chat is vital if you expect to develop a thriving cryptocurrency community and this chat is perfect for the venue.
  • BC forums ( are a great counter to Bitcointalk and complement the chat feature quite well.
  • Reddit/Twitter Integration is important because reddit and Twitter are essential communication tools in the cryptocurrency community.
  • The Projects Page keeps users up to date on updates and new projects currently in development. Users can find out about both current and completed projects and there is a gauge to see the projects progress.

Developers stress that this is merely version 1.0 and that many additions and improvements are on the way. They also encourage users to quickly report any bugs that they may spot when using the website.

Blackcoin is currently ranked number thirteen by market cap. 

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