Crypto investors are encouraged to maintain a minimal level of wariness when using large centralized platforms, a recommendation is given by industry analysts who are aware of these players’ main priority being increased market share. 

Although many are well-known names, when users aren’t the priority, it is not uncommon for their experiences to be met with a lack of trust and transparency. Consequently, the trading process is opaque and may involve higher trading fees, delays due to peaks of demand or poorer selection.

To encourage adoption from new investors and improve the end-user experience, some platforms have suggested alternative structures that will provide scalability and security without sacrificing responsiveness or critical functionality.

AOFEX arose from the need to provide crypto traders with an alternative for trading, staking and mining their assets with greater transparency and regulation. Accordingly, the platform received its MSB license for digital currency trading for U.S. leaders and now has its goals set on global expansions as a bridge for institutional investors. 

The AOFEX team continues to operate with the mission to "include more people into digital finance." Put into practice, the team has implemented a global strategic plan, establishing branches in Canada and Japan as a part of a multi-region crypto market system, including West Europe, East Asia, North America and headquarters in the United Kingdom. Together these new branches have attracted more than 200,000 local users over the course of one month and attributed to the team's now 1.8 million active participants. With cooperative agreements with Coindesk and Coinspeaker, their good news continues to be spread across the crypto sphere.

As a result, because of the positive results in these regions, on Oct 15, 2021, AOFEX officially launched its India Branch to develop the South Asia market and accelerate its mission towards globalization.

A healthy track record

In contrast to many of the world’s largest exchanges, AOFEX continues to recognize the importance of the users in developing their offerings. Accordingly, their focus has been on providing services localized to those in a given area. When releasing a branch in India, AOFEX noted government regulation as unclear, with specific laws unidentified. That said, the country is still expected to see a booming future, according to the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). This influential organization suggests the crypto industry in India will be worth $241 million as of 2030, and it will hit $2.3 billion in 2026 globally. For this reason, the team considers India fertile land for developing its platform, local investors, and the greater crypto market.  

Providing services that meet the unique needs of locals in an area is the result of the team quickly investigating the users' demands, establishing a local service system of digital assets, starting diverse cooperations with KOLs, interacting with communities and the media, and later providing users with secure and leading service of digital assets with professional, scientific and efficient investment in digital assets. 

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The team’s ability to achieve this comes down to their previous engagements in the finance and technology industry. These many years of experience have been greatly attributed to the knowledge of the core staff, which they have exhibited through their business consulting services for many financial institutions and rich experience in risk control and management. Together, their background has helped to shape a more secure trading environment. 

In recognition of the crucial and valuable role that its users play in its success, the team has since announced the distribution of 200,000 USDT with the launch of this new branch, an exciting milestone for the team.

Prepped for global expansion

With their existing community's long-term support and trust, AOFEX aims to gradually complete their local development strategies in India and provide users with the fastest, safest and more professional digital financial services possible. 

Following the establishment of the branch in India, AOFEX has shared their plans to add more branches across the globe, each with customized behaviors based on that of its local users and inclusive to everyday users in digital finance.

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