Blockchain-Based Platform Cuts out Middleman in Collectible Card Games

For those who are already in the milieu of digital card gaming and trading, the fact that it is a high-potential multi-billion dollar industry is not news. This is especially true for early adopters and enthusiasts who have been involved in this since Collectible Card Games (CCGs) first emerged back in the 1990s. It is news, however, that digital Trading Card Game (TCG) platforms are getting a radical overhaul manifested in the new blockchain-based Nova Token Platform.

CCGs: brief history and business model

The evolution of collectible card games in the past few decades goes roughly like this: Magic: The Gathering was invented by Richard Garfield in the early 1990s and was an instant smashing success. Shortly thereafter, towards the end of the same decade, CCGs went digital with a couple of games. Heatherstone was a game changer in the Digital Collectible Card Games (DCCG) realm, garnering a lot of popularity and success.  

So it is safe to say that in the same way that technology has changed many other industries, CCGs have caught the tech wave. It is also safe to say, that while there have been remarkable advancements in the technology, the core business model has persisted with little to no change. That is to say; most industries operate within a centralized framework, where the middleman rakes in most of the benefits. In the DCCG industry, this has affected card collectors, card game players and developers alike, who are all too familiar with the downside of digital gaming in general and CCGs in specific.

Blockchain and Nova Token Platform

It is not an overstatement to say the Blockchain technology has spurred a revolution that spans many industries today. At first, most of the innovation was restricted to the financial industry. However, this is all changing for two main reasons. First, the transparency and trust created by the Blockchain are much sought-after features far beyond finance. Second, the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem enables building of decentralized digital projects of all sorts.

There is quite a bit of momentum for digital card games and esports in general at the moment. Platforms for digital games will slowly but surel