Dollar News

The dollar is the national currency of the United States and some other countries. Some of the most common currencies using the dollar moniker are the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. Since World War II, it has been the world’s primary reserve currency. In 1971, U.S. President Richard Nixon depegged the dollar from gold, making it a fiat currency. Dollarization in other countries allows citizens to use it unofficially. 

In contrast, Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, challenges the dollar’s hegemony. Discussions on de-dollarization arise as countries seek to diversify financial systems, reducing reliance on the dollar. This shift raises questions about the dollar’s long-term status and prompts reevaluations of global economic strategies. 

The Federal Reserve System holds the authority to issue U.S. dollars, and all dollar bills issued since 1861 remain legal tender. The dynamic interplay between the dollar, Bitcoin and de-dollarization underscores the evolving landscape of global finance.