A Russian industry expert has claimed Blockchain is the world’s solid future defense against nuclear armageddon.

In an article on local publication Ekspert, Sergey Chernyshev of the Institutional Projective Engineering Laboratory writes that smart contracts used to provide joint protection against future threats could save humanity.

Chernysev was discussing a Cold War era scheme where the US and the Soviet Union planned to create space-based lasers to shoot down nuclear rockets.

“[The] Russians quickly recognized (and mathematically proved) that if Russia and [the] US would build such systems separately - those systems would inevitably destroy the [world],” an English summary of the article uploaded to Reddit states.

However, in future the scheme may yet be revived and a treaty created to protect member states.

Chernysev himself writes on the topic of Blockchain defence:

“In order to control the performance of the space shield at all stages of its development, the members of the treaty will use the technology of distributed open ledgers - i.e. the Blockchain.”

He added that a lot of “empty noise” was being created around Blockchain by so-called “IT fans,” but that they “were not interested in who needs it or why.”

It is not the first time Blockchain has got involved in the nuclear defense debate. In October, the Pentagon announced it was considering the technology for nuclear weapon defense and message encryption.