The way we all consume content has changed immeasurably over the past 40 years.

A little while ago, we only had a small number of TV channels to choose from — and if there was a show you liked, tuning in at a specific time was essential. After the evening news was broadcast, you'd need to wait until the morning paper for the latest headlines.

But the internet has changed all of this, and has allowed talented digital content creators to build their very own empires outside of traditional networks and studios. Not only has this allowed a far richer blend of stories to be told, but it's given audiences exciting ways of getting involved with the shows they love.

During the latest live ask-me-anything session on Cointelegraph's YouTube page, we'll be joined by the co-founders of SOLIS — a company that facilitates direct engagement between creatives and their communities. With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Brett Claywell and Brendan de Kauwe are transforming how films, digital content and TV shows are being financed, monetized and produced.

A new approach

SOLIS boasts a marketplace where creators can generate new forms of revenue by releasing curated digital collectibles based on their intellectual property. This is a concept now being explored by some of the world's biggest entertainment brands — and is set to have an indelible impact in Hollywood and beyond.

Separately, a compliant securities trading platform has been unveiled so creators can offer investors stakes in upcoming feature films and digital content, facilitated through the issuance of tokens.

During the AMA, Brett and Brendan of SOLIS will focus on how the entertainment sector is evolving thanks to the advent of blockchain technology. They'll discuss how new financing mechanisms are helping to cultivate vibrant, imaginative projects that may otherwise have never seen daylight. Plus, they'll show how this approach can help build and maintain communities in new ways — bringing audiences closer to content than ever before.

Another burning topic concerns the ownership of intellectual property — and how profits are shared among the talented individuals who bring projects to life. Brett and Brendan firmly believe that SOLIS and blockchain technology is helping to create more equitable terms for creators, and a refreshing alternative to record labels and Hollywood studios.

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Top-tier content

SOLIS projects include The Fantasy Football Cause — a weekly fantasy football show that sees teams raise money for the charities they care about.

Additionally, Spoken World is hosted by the founders of Da Poetry Lounge — the longest-running open mic poetry lounge in the U.S. This program aims to highlight the brightest artists that the space has to offer, and become the epicenter for the spoken word community going forward.

CausPlay IRL allows audiences to admire stunning themed cosplay designs — and get involved in the production, design and ownership of new costumes. Elsewhere, HERvoice is an NFT project that seeks to amplify the voices of women everywhere through dance, poetry and generative art.

This vibrant and diverse line-up — consisting of entertainment, sports and culture — is complemented by Affect Change, a series of in-depth shows that focus on thought leaders and influencers who are solving problems impacting the communities around them. 

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SOLIS's live AMA will be held on Tuesday at 3pm ET (7pm UTC.) Head on over to Cointelegraph's YouTube page and smash those like and subscribe buttons for all our future videos and updates.

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