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The community is rapidly developing, and new opportunities appear for both companies and individuals every day. We would like to keep it that way. That is why Cointelegraph joint forces with Blocktribe - a platform where the World's best blockchain employers meet the very best in blockchain talent.  And together we are presenting you a new job listing.

Open vacancies:


Gem partners with people and companies to unlock the value in blockchain technology. Gem's modular platform for blockchain applications can be applied to a variety of use cases across multiple industries. Utilizing hardware security modules, key-based identity management, and automated workflows, Gem adds an industrial application layer to any blockchain.

A Week in the Life at Gem

One of the best things about our culture is not our pool table, or snacks, or Venice Beach office, it's that traditions spring out organically of us wanting to better ourselves and spend more time with each other.

On Monday we find ourselves sitting in a circle to discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones, The Bachelorette, or Mr. Robot.

Every Tuesday and Thursday some of us get to the office early to do workout videos, because Matt announced he hadn't exercised in 2 years.

On Wednesday we have "Gem Sesh" where we enjoy company sponsored lunches and discuss the latest and greatest technologies such as comparison of various consensus algorithms in the blockchain space, messaging pipelines in enterprise architecture, and security issues with smart contracts.

Each Friday the team gets antsy to play the "Name Game" after work and sip a new spirit that Jeff brought in.

Gem team

COO (Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Gem's Chief Operating Officer will be a true partner to the CEO as we deploy blockchain technology in the enterprise on a global scale. The COO will have a strategic vision of how to build a company of smart creatives as we launch into growth-mode. We're looking for someone who lives for building companies, has done it before, and is itching to do it again.

Gem team 2

What you'll do:

  • Navigate the complex enterprise realm and inspire corporate stakeholders to take action and build success
  • Build key metrics that matter and orchestrate employees, board members and investors to foster accountability and results
  • Maintain team focus on core goals and be willing to say no to activities that don't match objectives
  • Understand and manage each team to remove bottlenecks and increase velocity
  • Maintain company-wide adherence to streamlined and focused inter-team communications and workflows
  • Analyze, design, document, and implement internal reporting systems and procedures for the organization
  • Provide leadership to the teams and work with them to set and manage milestones and timelines
  • Design a plan for organizational development, including projective org charts and recruitment strategy
  • Ensure that financial goals are met, with attention paid to revenue generation and cash-flows
  • Establish guiding metrics for company focus in preparation for future investment rounds
  • Analyze immediate and longer-term cash flow requirements, and establish financial targets driven by clear objectives and metrics

What you'll need:

  • Ability to make informed, data driven decisions while dealing with complexity
  • A strong belief that blockchains will transform the way business is done in the enterprise and can scale from experiments to production
  • The ability to manage and recruit a high-performing team of smart creatives who love what they do and seek out challenges
  • Excellent financial skills, and experience working with accounting and financial modeling teams
  • The same values that all Gem team members share and hold dear:
  • Experience in a senior operations role, and 20+ years relevant experience
  • Track record of implementing and enforcing policies and procedures in a rapidly-growing company
  • Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures
  • A deep understanding of organizational psychology, with a large capacity for empathy and excellent tact in conversations
  • A sense of humor in everyday life, because you'll have to inevitably join in when things like this happen:
  • The ability to work in the USA
  • No remote workers

Financial compensation: N/A.


Platform Engineer (Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Gem team 3

Gem is leading the charge in building highly scalable blockchain solutions for large enterprises. Gem's Platform Engineer will face interesting challenges ranging from our internal microservice architecture, our data ingestion pipeline, all the way to the distributed systems and data integrity problems on the actual blockchain layer. They'll work with some of the biggest names in healthcare and finance to build platforms that will radically change the way companies connect.

Technologies we use: Java, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB, BigchainDB, Ethereum.

What you'll do:

  • Develop and maintain our microservices - build and improve our platform's internal distributed systems architecture
  • Build blockchain data ingestion pipelines
  • Design core blockchain technology - work on new and upcoming innovations in the blockchain space
  • Architect our core systems - you won't be a code monkey, you will be integral to designing the Gem Platform

What you'll need:

  • Strong CS background (algorithms, data structures...)
  • Proficiency with JavaFamiliarity with PostgreSQL
  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • Experience building data pipelines
  • General distributed systems experience
  • Work well in a collaborative environment
  • Strong sense of ownership and autonomy
  • Must love the puzzle
  • 5+ years software engineering experience
  • Ability to work in the USA
  • Interest in working in LA or Nashville (no remote workers)

Nice to have:

  • Distributed database experience (Cassandra)
  • Kafka experience
  • Security experience
  • Cryptography experience

Financial compensation: N/A.


Full Stack Engineer (Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Gem team 4

Gem is leading the charge in building highly scalable blockchain solutions for large enterprises. Gem's Full Stack Engineer will love building robust, beautiful, user-centric applications and have strong opinions about best practices; they refuse to work on teams that don't write unit tests.

Technologies we use: Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Java 8, Solidity.

What you'll do:

  • Understand the existing architecture and able to review it in terms of performance, scalability and security
  • Develop and maintain applications that consume our internal microservices
  • Construct beautiful user experience - work with product and design to craft engaging user experiences
  • Build client workflows using our custom programming environment, smart contracting languages, and javascript.
  • Work with our platform engineers to enhance and extend our core system architecture.

What you'll need:

  • Strong CS background (algorithms, data structures...)
  • Proficiency with a scripting language like Ruby
  • JavaScript experience, including concepts like asynchronous programming, closures, types and ES6. Experience with React is a plus
  • HTML/CSS experience, including concepts like layout, specificity, cross browser compatibility and accessibility
  • Experience with browser APIs and optimizing front end performance
  • Familiarity with Java and PostgreSQL
  • Ability to work in the USA
  • Interest in working in LA or Nashville (no remote workers)

Nice to have NoSQL database and  streaming pipeline experience.

Financial compensation: N/A.



LibertyX is a Boston-based, bitcoin-powered FinTech company building the global cash on-ramp to the digital world. We’re a passionate team of former engineers, consultants and bankers looking to bring the benefits of digital currencies to the 40% of the world that is unbanked. We operate the largest network of U.S. local stores where you can buy bitcoin instantly. We also offer a cash API that allows partners globally to access our cash-preferred users with just a few lines of code.

LibertyX office

Full Stack Software Engineer (Boston, MA, United States)

What you'll do:

  • Conceptualize, develop, and maintain our internal and external API endpoints
  • Work closely with both internal teams and external consumers of our API
  • Build analytics and dashboards for our APIs and understand every aspect of API utilization
  • Actively participate in hands-on software implementation and testing for all software products
  • Provide critical, constant feedback to founding team

What will you need:

  • BS in Computer Science or relevant experience
  • Knowledgeable in at least one scripting language (Python/Ruby) and associated web stack (Django/Rails). Python/Flask is preferred.
  • Familiar with the Unix command line and can use git (or equivalent) for version control
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Familiar with REST/JSON
  • Familiar with Computer Security concepts
  • Focus, energy and enthusiasm for creating high-quality software products
  • Self-directed and operate well in a fast-paced environment
  • Possess strong written and spoken communication skills

Nice to have:

  • Passionate about Bitcoin
  • Knowledge of the basic AWS technologies (EC2, S3) and can easily get familiar with new ones
  • Experience with Redis

Financial compensation: $80-100K salary + 0-2% equity.

Open Search Network

Open Search Network is a young and dynamic headhunting company based in London focused on Data Experts. We can provide sales and technology professionals for permanent, contract and temporary projects, with skills and experience in the following fields:

  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis (Advanced Analytics & Data Science)
  • Data Monetization

We are experienced in working with a variety of individuals and organisations - big multi-nationals, tech start-ups, niche agencies and highly skilled consultants.

We are passionate about what we do and we thrive on technology – we believe this is key to uniting the right people for the right opportunities.

Open Search office

Senior Full Stack Developer/Blockchain (Milan, Italy)

Our client is an innovative start up in the Blockchain industry, based in Milan with already important project lined up with international clients.

The ideal candidate must have an entrepreneurial approach to innovation and personal development.

Depending on the seniority and the different stage of the project, he/she will be involved in the following activities:

  • Product and Service development based on blockchain technologies
  • Support big multinational companies in the development and implementation of sw based on blockchain technologies
  • Team leading and client facing activities
  • Brainstorming meetings to identify the best innovative solution

You will have the opportunity to be part of successful start up in the Fintech and Supply Chain.

Key Skills:

  • Technical Degree or similar
  • min 3 years experience in mobile application development
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Cordova
  • AngularJS/NodeJS

Financial compensation: up to € 40.000.



Otonomos can help you easily form, fund and govern your company. We are a corporate services provider that will allow you to take your company from analog to digital. Otonomos will give your company the legal validity necessary to start conducting business. We also offer an online dashboard where your directors and shareholders can easily manage your company's captable and vote on resolutions electronically.  Otonomos has created a simpler way to incorporate your company, manage your shareholders and govern your board.

Ethereum Smart Contract Developer (Singapore)

We are looking for a self starter Smart Contract Developer who is able to 'Otonomosly' develop new functionalities and build smart contracts to add to our existing suite, observe proper GitHub hygiene and have experience with general server administration.

You will join a small team of recognised blockchain talent that is close-knit and codes at breakneck speed as part of a full-stack team.

Required Skills: 

  • Ethereum smart contract coding (Solidity)
  • Common Algorithms and Design Patterns
  • Software Versioning and Github Workflow Experience
  • Meteor.js
  • JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS – Have an eye for beautiful UI/UX
  • Database Design Experience – MonogoDB / SQL
  • Server Administration - AWS / Linux
  • API Integration experience
  • Familiar with Dev Methodologies – Agile/Scrum

Desired Skills:

  • Cryptography – ECDH, ECDSA, PGP and AES
  • Unit testing & optimisation experience
  • Blockchain Application Development
  • Ethereum dApp Development
  • MEAN Stack Development
  • WordPress Development

Financial compensation: $48 000 - $96 000.



Status is a miniOS for Ethereum. Targeting Android and iOS devices, Status is an open source project designed to make the Ethereum Blockchain part of users' daily lives and interactions. We're building a gateway for the mass market to use Ethereum and access the ÐApps, while providing a simple way for ÐApp developers to reach new users.

Blockchain Creative Writer / Technical Writer (Singapore)

Status is looking for a part time Technical Writer and/or Creative Writer to help tell our story to the Blockchain community. We are headquartered in Singapore, but Remote applicants are accepted.

We are an Ethereum-based Startup, and are an open source project. You must already be familiar with Ethereum in order to apply. If you're excited by Cryptocurrency, DApps and Smart Contracts - and feel you can clearly articulate these concepts, we would love to hear from you.

We already have some ideas we'd like share with the community, and it will be up to you to research these ideas further.

Please include some examples of your writing, or posts by others about Ethereum you have enjoyed reading.  

Financial compensation: This position is open as both full-time and part-time so salary is to be discussed depending on your available time investment.


Community Manager (Singapore)

You will help us to host community events, tell our story to the world, help build and moderate our social channels, and play an active part in shaping the communication between Status and the Ethereum Community.


  • You are excited by new technologies, Ethereum in particular
  • 1-4 years of experience in Community Building or Public Relations
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills (we are an English speaking company)


  • Work in a past-paced startup environment
  • We are an open source project
  • Work direct with a small (but growing), talented team with prior successes on previous projects
  • Work remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Financial compensation: This position is open as both full-time and part-time so salary is to be discussed depending on your available time investment.


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