With the increasing fear of voting fraud, Blockchain projects can now secure a digital ballot box or voting system based on Blockchain to prevent voter fraud during elections. Once cast, votes would be unalterable results and available for everyone to see.

Under a Blockchain system, voters are able to cast their votes from their mobile phones or personal computers, which are then logged into an immutable Blockchain and utilized to reliably verify the results of the election.

According to Jamie Skella, co-founder of Horizon State, one of the companies that builds such systems, there is a need for better decision-making tools and processes to achieve the best outcomes in a democratic form of government.

“Democracy is the opportunity to share in the decision-making processes that relates to the shared matters which affect us. Democracy is about reaching consensus on how to best use our shared resources to achieve the best outcomes for our partners, children, colleagues, staff, and fellow citizens. Where there are shared resources in any cooperative environment, there remains no question: we need better shared decision making tools and processes.”

How Blockchain is changing elections in the 21st century

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the global political landscape toward direct democracy, where voters can decide the course of government policy themselves.

A digital ballot box represents a smart and cost-effective solution to effectively improve the existing voting procedures. This system will eliminate such issues as manipulation, recording errors, and tampering, as well as encourage voters’ participation.

Although Blockchain-based voting solutions are still in their infancy, they are already showing many and diverse use cases. Governments’ ability to engage and manage a constituency is vital to the future of society, therefore, they should promote and adopt Blockchain to become a key part of the voting process.

Various governments around the globe have already been investigating the idea of using Blockchain for national ID systems to avoid identify frauds which are usually used to manipulate traditional voting processes.