The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) has partnered with the Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG) to “advance the use of Blockchain technology in securitization markets.”

The SFIG, a US-based conglomerate of over 350 organizations focusing on education and best practices in the securitization market, will work with the Chamber of Digital Commerce on a white paper, research and educational programs.

The first move will be the white paper release, authored by SFIG member Deloitte, as well as “a series of educational activities” at the SFIG securitization conference, which begins on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

“With this partnership we can create new, forward-thinking and educational opportunities for our members enabling them to stay fully informed of how technology is impacting their business,” SFIG Executive Director Richard Johns said in an accompanying press release.

Chamber of Digital Commerce Founder and President Perianne Boring said that Blockchain would be a multi-faceted plus for the industry, helping create added security while streamlining regulatory compliance.

“The securitization process is an ideal candidate for the efficiencies of distributed ledger technology,” she said.

“Blockchain platforms create a more transparent and secure marketplace allowing the industry to provide better products more securely at a lower cost. This will also enable the market to more efficiently comply with regulations, while at the same time allowing automation to create significant efficiencies for the role of the regulator itself.”

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has become a major trade association for the Blockchain and digital currency world. In March it is due to host its second annual DC Blockchain Summit, a conference where the best-known names from the industry rub shoulders with Washington policy makers.