The decentralized music service has released an on-demand radio station as its ICO enters its eleventh day.

Voise, one of a number of Blockchain projects seeking to use the technology to revolutionize music content sharing and rights protection, has named the new product Radio DAO.

“VOISE aims to empower independent artists and musicians by helping them monetize their content without the involvement of any third party or record labels,” an accompanying press release stated Thursday, adding that artists on the platform would receive “100 percent” of revenue.

Since its ICO began May 6, investors have snapped up so-called Voisium tokens (VSM) worth around $150,000 as of Wednesday.

92 mln tokens are up for sale, yet even with a 15 percent bonus feature enabled, only 71,500 have been issued. The total supply is 100 mln, with eight mln reserved for developers and advertisers.

Voise joins an increasingly busy market sector, with Blockchain technology long eyed as a key component for giving artists more control over distribution and revenue from content they create and release online.

Among the newcomers is Token.FM, which is also set to launch in May, a project developed by Adam B. Levine of Let’s Talk Bitcoin! fame.

“In the end, it’s all thanks to the power of the Blockchain, which we are thrilled to take beyond the stage of conception and concretely apply to direct-to-fan music sales for the very first time,” Levine said in comments last month.