Blockchain Network Takes on Ethereum ERC20 and Claims it is Faster and Cheaper

A new blockchain platform believes it is a “more attractive and accessible destination” for hosting tokens than the likes of Ethereum’s ERC20 platform, as it gives developers the support they need to build, market and launch custom tokens successfully.

LindaX says it wants give entrepreneurs an opportunity to sculpt “absolutely unique tokens with exclusive features for designated transactions” – all the while helping them to “navigate the unfamiliar environment of cryptocurrency.” According to its white paper, the startup’s team would be on hand to help fledgling businesses forge connections with exchanges who can list their token, and offer strategies that would enable them to reach new customers and reap the rewards of blockchain technology.

Another emphasis for LindaX is guaranteeing that all of the tokens hosted on its platform are “credible and trustworthy.” Resultantly, it plans to vet the proposals of businesses who are seeking to create a token – scrutinizing them against a list of prerequisites before putting the plans to a vote of “approved community validators.” A successful application will pave the way for entrepreneurs seeking to establish tokens which are designed for use in an array of settings – including as currency, proof of membership and international assets.

“An Ethereum fork you won’t want to miss”

The team behind LindaX says its platform has already been fully developed – and although it does share some similarities with Ethereum, it aims to be a more cost-effective network by reducing gas fees for participants. In a blog post, the company also claimed that merchants on