A blockchain-based platform says that it is the pioneer of DeFi gaming — and is vowing to offer an experience that’s comparable to the mainstream world of consoles.

Night Life Crypto says the blockchain gaming sector is lacking in what it provides to players, and claims many of the NFT-based trading card games that have popped up fail to deliver what consumers are used to: Platform and arcade games.

To solve this, the project is creating an on-chain only, AAA-type game where users can unlock achievements and get rewarded with nonfungible tokens. These NFTs can be collected and exchanged for prizes, or sold in a soon-to-be-released marketplace. Blockchain will be at the beating heart of every game that’s produced, and leaderboards will enable players to see how they stack up against their rivals.

In time, Night Life Crypto wants to become a self-sustaining platform where users have full control over their wallets — with integrated two-factor authentication ensuring their assets are kept safe. This won’t be at the expense of being able to play anonymously.

Another sizeable hurdle that has stood in the way of blockchain games achieving a mass audience is the sheer expense associated with spending cryptocurrencies on NFTs and other in-game items. Night Life Crypto tackles this by ensuring that all its games attract zero transaction fees. A two-layer solution is provided through utilizing Binance Smart Chain (and soon Ethereum) to purchase tokens. Turtle Network is used for the games, delivering near instant confirmation times for bets and results.

The focus on technology hasn’t been at the expense of high production values in its games, and all soundtracks have been lovingly made by professional musicians.

Night Life’s first game

Night Life Crypto’s first title is called Prop Pirates — a game that’s full of excitement and fun. It’s been inspired by the Prop Hunt genre that has helped make the likes of Call Of Duty and Counterstrike so successful in the past. A demo version is now available on Windows and Mac.

The development roadmap doesn’t stop here. A deck building trading card game is also in the works. It’s set to use NFTs extensively and deliver regular tournaments where players can go head to head in the hope of winning some exceptional prizes.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Night Life Crypto is planning to release a mobile app — an acknowledgement of how smartphones have become a major part of the gaming ecosystem. A fiat on-ramp will also emerge, making it easy for people who aren’t familiar with digital assets to get involved. Work on multiplayer modes will also allow friends and family to enjoy immersive gameplay together.

Night Life Crypto says that, for every game it produces, five achievements will be on offer for players to accomplish. These challenges are set to keep them coming back for more.

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A top team

Draeth, who founded the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance, is a key advisor to Night Life Crypto. He told Cointelegraph that the project’s initial game and token have enjoyed a successful launch, followed by the development of a staking mechanism.

“As our next step to grow NLIFE, we are excited to launch high-quality games and establish important partnerships with yield farms, artists and influencers — as well as other projects,” he said.

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