Release, a blockchain-powered social commerce platform, has announced on July 12 that its platform is ready to transform the agriculture and fishing industry.

The agriculture and fishery industries have a huge potential to scale at a global level if issues such as logistical efficiency and price fairness can be solved. Release has reportedly developed a social commerce architecture that will help in transforming the global agriculture and fisheries logistics. It explained that:

“Sellers will be able to decide on the spot prices of freshly picked vegetables, fruits, fishes, shellfishes, etc. while selling to a general buyer. This can potentially solve the major concerns in this industry and optimize it massively - for the benefit of both buyers as well as sellers.”

According to Release, logistics and supply chain inefficiency and the lack of effective communication between buyers and sellers are some of the most prominent challenges that social commerce is facing. Release stressed that this social commerce platform would eliminate the role of middlemen further strengthening the scope of agriculture and fishing in e-commerce.

Social Commerce and Decentralization

Social commerce is a subset of e-commerce that involves social media—online media that supports social interaction—and user contributions to assist online buying and selling of products and services. Release aims to combine social media and e-commerce, to provide a robust social commerce platform that is distributed and decentralized in nature.

The project has utilized cutting-edge technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to develop a robust, safe, secure, and transparent social commerce platform.

‘Release’ native token will allow holders to access features on the platform to purchase services, skills, products, among others.