Blockchain Revolution for the Art Industry

Soon after wrapping up BlockShow Asia 2017 main conference, Cointelegraph has been updating you about the companies that made some significant efforts at the event. This time let's discover a company called INK and understand its COO Daniel Zhai’s perspective.

Daniel Zhai told us about the next revolution, a revolution of Blockchain environment in the creative scene. So if you’re an artist and you’re sick and tired of other people copying your work or some middleman taking away too much money, INK is the platform for you to sign up.

Cointelegraph: What is INK? Could we call it a Blockchain platform where creative individuals don’t get screwed over by the system?

Daniel Zhai: Yeah, that’s right. Couldn’t have made a better introduction myself. INK is a set of Blockchain solutions for the creative industry, mostly for the artists. If you want to do an art project, you got to claim ownership of your project. If you are a writer - you write something in your article on your blog and somebody say "Ok. This is a good idea! There's a piece of good, you know, thoughts and pitiful words." Then, they put it in their book. So there is no way for you to claim that is what you’ve written.

CT: And then there is legal aspect of it, which most people don’t understand, right?

DZ: With the Internet and traditional industry, the action of encourag