Head of Aerospace and Defense at Accenture John Schmidt has said he “really sees Blockchain coming into” the industry over the next two to three years.

Speaking at the Paris Air Show, Schmidt outlined a range of ways in which the aviation industry, which is increasingly warming to Blockchain, could benefit from the technology.

“Through all that life cycle of the engine, the original parts, the replacement parts and configuration are all being tracked, and it is being done by a number of different companies,” he said giving an example of maintenance.

"Blockchain is in effect a single federated ledger that everybody who uses and touches that engine could use it as a single point of truth of what has happened to the engine.”

Accenture has made bullish statements about the technology before. In a report late last year, the consultancy giant said the two industries “align very well.”

In particular, airlines could sharpen up efficiency through the use of Blockchain data sharing.

“Data sharing among multiple actors and touchpoints powers the travel journey. From booking to arrival, players can include airlines, online travel platforms, card providers, airports, immigration, government, hotels, car rental agencies and more,” the company wrote at the time.

This month also saw Accenture partner with Microsoft on a UN-sponsored Blockchain identity initiative called the ID2020 Alliance.