Bitcoin is not the only component in virtual currency which is achieving rapid growth – has now transacted over US$3 billion

Arguably the most popular Bitcoin wallet, Blockchain already had 1.1million active registered users and 200 million page views per month as of January this year, and this transaction milestone is unsurprising yet exciting one. 

Its acquirement and integration of ZeroBlock further increased Blockchain’s breadth features, elevating it from a wallet service to the premier blockchain explorer; an authority on Bitcoin statistics and market data. However, investor Roger Ver told Cointelegraph: 

“$3B USD transacted is just a drop in the bucket compared to what Bitcoin and are about to facilitate.”  

Whether this refers an imminent advance in the Blockchain story or the long-term transformation by Bitcoin of the current financial framework is still to be seen, but while Ver is known for his Bitcoin evangelism, his infectious confidence is hard to ignore. 

Meanwhile, Blockchain’s COO Peter Smith said in an interview with Cointelegraph that the major challenge ahead, in addition to enhancing consumer protection, is simply a matter of getting more users onto cryptocurrency platforms. 

“We need to add another 10 million users this year. I think that’ll be a hard thing to do, but I think it’s something we definitely can do.” 

The projection underlines an exciting idea; not only that Blockchain believes in Bitcoin’s fabled inundation of the market, but that on the back of these statistics, the community should also have grounds to expect it. 

You can see Peter speaking to Cointelegraph on cryptocurrency’s future challenges, along with a variety of other experts, in our latest video interview coverage of Bitcoin2014 Amsterdam here.