Financial media outlet Bloomberg revealed a new artificial intelligence (AI) model intending to open new ways to use the data available within the company’s terminal. Many responded to the latest development, with some saying that this sparks “the next wave” of corporate AI. 

On March 30, Bloomberg released a research paper that provides detailed information about the development of what it calls BloombergGPT. According to the media outlet, the AI has been created to perform various natural language processing tasks after training with a large financial data set.

Days after the research paper was published, various community members responded, praising the new development in the AI space and making their predictions for the future.

Ethan Mollick, a professor at Wharton, tweeted that new Bloomberg AI may be the “harbinger of the next wave of corporate AI.” Based on the research paper, the professor commented that the BloombergGPT AI is showing signs of being better at financial tasks.

As the news broke, community members also shared their predictions on the potential effects of the new AI. According to a Twitter user, this may not have the outcome that Bloomberg expects, commenting that financial markets are about to be gamified on an “unprecedented level.” Meanwhile, another community said that if the AI works as intended, it may replace financial analysts. “If this thing works, financial analysts are pretty much done,” they tweeted.

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The revelation of Bloomberg’s new AI model came amid news that Italy has blocked OpenAI’s ChatGPT and opened an investigation over suspected violations. On March 31, Italy’s data protection watchdog announced that it is blocking ChatGPT temporarily as it investigates potential breaches of data privacy rules.

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