Many articles have featured adult merchants that have started to accept bitcoin as payment for their products or services. Donations to churches and charity can be made with the same crypto currency. But what about a child, who prefers virtual money and wants to engage his friends?

Andrew Karam is just 9 years old, but has gained a powerful background in digital fiancé. He is the proud owner of bitcoins. His first idea was to request shares in Apple instead of some toy that will lose it attractiveness in some days. Andrew prefers to play with funds. Just before bitcoin Andrew owned 120 dollar worth shares of Apple he decided to transfer to bitcoin. He has already gained fun looking how his stock was rising and dropping, now he observes the price for BTC. He got extremely happing reading the news about the US Government to accept the coins as a legitimate currency to be used.

Soon he realized the idea of trading. He wanted to sell coins on high prices, but to buy on law ones. His dad rejected him the idea and offered to wait a little bit more for the price to grow.

The principle at Andrew’s was surprised about the hobby one of his scholars has. He offered him to make presentation about it. He holds it in front of his classmates and teachers. His dad helped him with preparing, his report included many stats from the bitcoin principles – the amount of coins mined is fixed, the process of mining is done by computers, solving complicated mathematical problems, you cannot lose your money as a mobile phone can be your wallet, a wallet is like a private bank only the owner has keys from it, and many other correct things. Andrew would like his friends to get interested in bitcoin.

Now he started a business – he makes bracelets; he sells on the internet and receives payments in bitcoin. His customers are spread all over the world. One of his buyers from Ireland is surprised and inspired by the young expert. He thinks that this is a great example on how virtual coins work for people – no one can interfere; the system is reliable and free of authorities.

Now Andrew is in the 4th grade. All of his spare time is donated to make bracelets. He would like to offer them in his school, but his dad things that the parents of the children might be not very excited about this offer. Still there are enough customers – 1500 views experienced his online shop. Donations enter his wallet to encourage him from supporters.

Asking Andrew Karam about his attitude you can receive the following answer. First of all, he enjoys that the money is stored on a plain sheet of paper (paper wallet for bitcoins) or in the computer, easy to access anytime. Secondly, he thinks that this is the right start for his life goal – when he grows up, he would like to be a professional millionaire.