Bitfilm Production is the creator of a new Bitcoin show called “Captain Drakins”, the first TV series related to the crypto world. The two characters for this show are Captain Drakins himself and his sidekick, Nick the parrot. In each episode, they explain the main Bitcoin topics in a funny and simple way as the show intends to reach a young audience, including students.

Captain Drakins Goal

The show is set in a pirate world to better understand the “anti-system” attitude of the crypto world. In fact, the Captain and his parrot perform in a 3D studio decorated as a pirate ship and on the screen behind Drakins there will be several different visuals which illustrate the topics he is explaining.

Bitfilm Production wanted to create a documentary useful for the youngest public, who have heard of Bitcoin but are not using it yet. The main goal of Bitalo and Bitfilm is to make this audience aware of the practical advantages of this cryptocurrency in daily lives, as well as its potential to reduce the power of banks.

Aaron Koenig, founder and CEO at Bitfilm Production, explained:

“We want to educate people about Bitcoin in an easily understandable and entertaining way. We chose the pirate motive where we make some jokes about banks and capitalists, because our main target group are young people who care about social justice and a fair distribution of wealth. These are undoubtedly good motivations, but if you don't understand how the economy works, you might suggest the wrong methods such as government regulations and interventions into the free market. We want to show that a financial system like Bitcoin which works without mighty middlemen, such as banks and governments, is better for making the world a better place."

Aaron Koenig, founder and CEO at Bitfilm Production

Captain’s first episode

Here below you can watch the first episode of the “Captain Drakins” show, titled “Selling Products for Bitcoin”. During this episode the Captain shows how Bitcoin works and how it is different from a bank account, that needs a lot of tools and approvals, not to talk of issues related to fraud.  Instead of this, Bitcoin is simple to use and it doesn’t matter if you are a student based in Berkeley or a guy who lives in an African village.

This first episode was sponsored by Bitalo, as Koenig explained.

He says to Cointelegraph:

“Bitalo has sponsored the first four episodes and might sponsor more, as they are offering a wide range of Bitcoin related services, such as a marketplace, a decentralised exchange and a Bitcoin based AirBnB. Each of the first four episodes cover an area in which they are active. So it's not classical advertising as the main focus lies in explaining a certain topic. The sponsor's product or service appear in the show in a subtle and natural way. As Bitalo obviously does not cover all aspects of Bitcoin, we are open for other companies to sponsor more episodes. So for an episode which explains how Bitcoin mining works, a cloud mining service would be the perfect sponsor - that's a very efficient and credible way to reach potential clients.”

One episode will be published per month, so the second episode called “Offering your services for Bitcoin” will be online in August, and the third episode “Changing Bitcoins into Conventional Money” in September. More episodes are already in pre-production, so ideally “Captain Drakins” will be a long running series which covers every aspect of Bitcoin.

You can watch Episode 1: Selling Products for Bitcoin here.